Elizabeth Reed Writes

Elizabeth Reed Writes

If life is a journey, each day is another trip, an arrival or departure, postponement, detour, voyage, tour, trek, jaunt, slog, full of adventure or humdrum routine. The tapestry of my writing is threaded with my roles as a musician, activist and traveler. Some destinations are unplanned and unwanted, others are sheer joy. That’s my journey.


Betty was bitten by the travel bug from day one. Her father’s employment at TWA (Trans World Airlines) made it possible for the family to fly to Europe for free, in an era when flights were prohibitively expensive
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Political Activist

Born with a rebellious streak, Betty has resisted traditions and practices that she felt were unfair. This was not always easy for her conservative parents! Her first visit to Washington, D.C.
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Health Advocate

Betty and her husband are health advocates. When their daughter was diagnosed with JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) at the age of three, it was the beginning of a long, ongoing journey.
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On the day after the 2016 Presidential election, I vowed to take action against Donald Trump’s destructive agenda, every single day that he was in office. Friends were curious what actions I
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