Laurie Easter’s memoir in essays is a glimpse into the heart and soul of a caring partner, mother and friend. She bares her inner turmoil and peace in the same way she describes showering in her outside bathtub – “the peeling of layers to expose skin to frigid temperatures.” She is fearless in her writing, getting to the core of each situation and to the core of her feelings with courage and grace. She writes about how she might have done something better, something most people don’t want to admit to themselves, never mind a whole world of readers. She writes about loved ones confronting death through cancer, AIDS, suicide and the aftermath of the survivors, with raw emotion and respect. Her descriptions of nature are vivid and unforgettable – “. . . lime green frogs with an iridescent copper sheen that shines like an overlay of tissue lamé fabric.” Highly recommend reading this gripping and tender book.