Good morning! Todd Huston, a top executive for the College Board is paid $460,738 to serve as the College Board’s Senior Vice President for State and District Partnerships. The College Board designs the SAT and Advanced Placement courses. They have an enormous influence on what is taught in high schools across the country.

Huston also has a side hustle: Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives. In his role as Speaker, Huston has prioritized controversial legislation to restrict instruction in Indiana classrooms. The bill, HB 1134, would prohibit any classroom materials or instruction about a divisive topic that could cause any individual to . . .” feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, responsibility, or any other form of psychological distress.”

What does that really mean? If the subject of civil rights, or gay rights comes up in the context of history, for example, any student can nix the subject by saying he/she feels discomfort/guilt, etc. Here’s what you can do.

Action No. 1
Use this link to urge the College Board to fire Todd Huston.

You can adapt the following script:
I am the [parent/teacher/relative] of an LGBTQ person who, I trust, will eventually take many AP classes.

I am the [parent/teacher/relative] of an LGBTQ person who has succeeded in higher education because of the welcoming environment at his/her school. I want to ensure all students can continue to learn in settings that do not exclude LGBTQ people.

I read about your SVP Todd Huston, who is determined to whitewash the teaching of American history in his state and eliminate content that might make some students ‘uncomfortable’. The College Board has an enormous influence on what is taught in high schools across the country. Right now those same schools are facing a wave of book banning, censorship, and racist dog-whistle CRT fights that are not only despicable, but also harm our kids. It is unacceptable that you are keeping Huston on your payroll.

Todd Huston’s vision is not compatible with educational or democratic values.  Such educational ‘gag orders’ have no place in our schools or our country. I urge you to fire him or accept that your organization has lost all pedagogical credibility. Thank you.

Have a great Thursday! Betty