Good morning and Happy New Year! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any actions. There is always more work to do and I know that many of you depend on these action alerts. So I will try to post more regularly, using actions from Susan Rogan and Jessica Craven, both of whom put out daily actions.

As we know, local/state elections are crucial with the current emphasis on states’ rights. Here are three actions you can take. (Action courtesy of Susan Rogan)

    An important election coming up in Wisconsin will determine the balance of power on the state’s Supreme Court, and possibly have a major effect on our 2024 Presidential race. While Court decisions will have a big impact on state issues like abortion rights, and gerrymandering, their rulings on election issues could change the results in our 2024 Presidential election. This nearly happened in 2020 in Wisconsin, when three of the Court’s four conservative Justices voted to consider Trump’s objections to the Presidential election results which could have led to overturning the results in Wisconsin, keeping Trump in power.  We have three options for helping in this upcoming  election:

    Action 1
    Activate America is launching a postcard campaign to encourage Democrats to sign up to vote by mail in this election, but voters need to request a ballot by a certain date, so it’s important to act quicklyLet’s sign up here

    Action 2

    We can also text or phone bank likely Dem voters with Field Team 6.   For a fee of $25, we can text with one of their Tuesday Text. Arcades

    Action 3 
    The Civics Center has a postcard program to get out the youth vote. Let’s order our postcards today.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday! Betty