Good morning!

Today’s action comes from Jessica Craven’s daily actions. I have limited internet tonight so I have not actually tried the action myself but can vouch for her reliability in posting useful actions. Here it is:

As we all know, INTERACTIVE conversations are THE most important tactic this close to the election. While canvassing is ideal, it’s not feasible for most people in blue districts. However, phone banking IS feasible for every volunteer. Even we organizers can bang out some calls when we have a free window, thanks to Activate America’s “Call Anytime” CallHub platform that is open to everyone! You can make calls on your own most anytime via the CallHub automated dialer which increases the number of live conversations! You will also be are leaving voicemail messages with important voter information. You can hop on when you have a short window of time and make ten calls or so, then hop off until your next free window. It’s easy and very gratifying to have live conversations with voters! Watch this 4 minute video, then you’ll be ready to start making calls. It will direct you to all the links you need.

Current campaign options are:

Toss up House races: CA-13 – Adam Gray, CA-22 – Rudy Salas, CA-41 – Will Rollins, CA-45 – Jay Chen, PA-07 – Susan Wild.

Toss up Senate races: PA – John Fetterman, NC – Cheri Beasley, NV – Cortez Masto, WI – Barnes, GA – Warnock

Let’s keep up the pressure until Nov. 8th! Betty