Good morning! School gun violence is still on the front burner. As the new school year gets underway here is something you can do.

Contact your local School Board Chairperson (Google the contact information) and ask if they have a “hardening” policy in place. If they do, urge them to get rid of it.

“Hardening” includes arming teachers and stationing armed security guards and/or police in the schools. “This concept of hardening, the more it has been done, it’s not shown the results,” said Jagdish Khubchandani, a public health professor at New Mexico State University who studies school security practices and their effectiveness.

You can also send a letter/email. Here is a sample script:

Dear Committee Chair Name),
I am a resident within the (town/city) School District and would like to express my concern about gun violence in schools. I oppose any so-called “hardening” policy, which can include arming teachers and administrators, stationing armed guards, retired military, and/or police in schools. Texas has “hardened schools,” and they did not work in Uvalde. I look forward to a response confirming that the (town/city) School District does not support any of these “hardening” actions.

(Your Name)

Have a great Wednesday! Betty