Good morning! Today is the first Monday of August so it’s time to check out Breitbart and report to Sleeping Giants. There is a new twist to the Sleeping Giants campaign however. Nandini Jammi, the woman behind the FB site for Sleeping Giants is leaving. Her co-founder, who runs the Twitter site for Sleeping Giants has taken over, taken credit for, and taken away what Nandini started on her own. The history is very interesting and timely. She is a Woman of Color who has been sidelined by an older white male. You can read her story here:

For now, I would not support the Twitter side. Instead send any findings to Nandini Jammi’s FB page. If you are not on FB, send your findings to me and I’ll post for you. Here’s what to do:

Action No. 1 Ever wonder why the ads you see when using the internet are so personalized? Here’s how it works:  when you click on a link, in less than a second, a call goes out, and algorithms and automated software bid in an auction to put their advertisement up on your page.  The algorithm that places the highest bid wins the chance to appear on your screen.

Here is how you can participate in the campaign to force companies to stop advertising on Breitbart.

  1. Go to and take a screenshot of an ad next to some of their content.
  2. Email the company with your screenshot, politely explaining how you found the ad.
  3. Contact sleeping giants through FB.

And here I thought it would be an easy Monday post. It just shows how discrimination is so pervasive. Have a good August Monday –  Betty