Good morning! Almost 4 years to the day, a group of us from Belmont traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the Women’s March on Washington. On the recommendation of our daughters’ former Girl Scout leaders we stayed at the Hotel Harrington, an old, modest hotel with family rooms that accommodated 6 or more people. Like many tourists, people who stay at the hotel enjoy the affordable group rooms and the proximity to sightseeing destinations. The Proud Boys stayed there in December while protesting election results. In advance of the MAGA rally, with information on potential violence (the hotel was prepared but not the police?) on January 6th, the hotel canceled all reservations and closed up for 3 days. The “guests” now known as insurrectionists moved to the Days Inn. Our action today is to write a note of thanks to Hotel Harrington.

The world is watching as Trump exits the White House, leaving the city in a state of controlled chaos, a visible and tangible symbol of the destruction he has wrought across the country. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are inheriting a daunting mess, even worse than what Barack Obama inherited in 2008. Tomorrow we can watch but not attend, the historic inauguration of the 46th President and the first female vice president. It will be historic also for the absence of the 45th President, the absence of a significant audience because of the pandemic in a city under lockdown because of the recent insurrection. If there was any question as to how much havoc Trump could wreak, tomorrow’s picture is the answer.

Last but not least, more than four years ago my simple vow to defy Donald J. Trump and his administration every day he was in office led to the formation of this group. We have built a grassroots group of friends and resisters, plucking us out of the isolation of being “snowflakes” as Trump supporters named us, and taking actions that contributed to the blizzard of resistance. Unlike many New Englanders, I love snow, and I always loved Trump’s intended derogatory name for us. Every snowflake is unique and beautiful and together we are a force to be reckoned with.

It is with sadness that I sign off on this daily endeavour. I value the new friendships that grew from this project. I enjoy the camaraderie of trading information. And if I have encouraged anyone to march in protest, call a Senator or Representative for the first time, sign a petition with pride instead of fear, I will feel proud of each new resister. My plans were to “retire” and post an occasional action as I focus on racism. But I have done a lot of thinking since the insurrection and feel a responsibility to continue to resist the many degradations of our democracy over the past four years.

I have decided to continue our work together, not on a daily basis, but most likely with a weekly call to action. I have heard from many of you who want to stay on the list. If you do NOT want to keep receiving these action alerts, please let me know. I will not be offended and you won’t hurt my feelings! I look forward to staying in touch and being part of the blizzard!

Action No. 1

Write to Hotel Harrington and express your appreciation for shutting their doors to insurrectionists:
436 11th St NW
Washington, DC 20004

Have a great Tuesday! Betty