Good morning! Many of you have asked me how to stay sane and have some peace of mind in the midst of the continuous political storms. My month off from politics in August showed me that it is unnecessary to take in the daily barrage of news about the Tangerine Tyrant.  So here are some suggestions on how to prevent the TT from occupying the center of attention in your life.

Limit what you read and listen to.

Do not read articles that focus on the TT’s tweets.

Choose the articles you read.

Read about events happening worldwide, not the world’s reactions to the TT.

Turn off the TV when he is on camera and is speaking. Or mute the TV.

Even NPR, the stable foundation of news sanity, has had talk shows focusing only on the TT’s tweets. Switch the station to music.

If you follow the TT on Twitter and have no political reason to do so, stop following him. What could he possibly say that we want to read?

By focusing less on what he says doesn’t mean that we stop caring. We need to remind ourselves that the TT is trying to distract us with outrageous remarks. Focus on the issues that he wants us to forget about.

Stay sane on this Thursday – Betty