Good morning! Continuing our campaign to contact the five largest companies that do business in Texas, today we can write to Hewlett Packard. If you need the basic script template, I am including it below. Make the last day of February a meaningful one! Betty

Action No. 1
Subject line: Texas trans attack

Basic script: Change the order of sentences/paragraphs. Insert your own statements. (Some options are in italics)
I am appalled at/disheartened by/furious at/writing to express concern at
the recent announcement by Ken Paxton and Greg Abbott that Texas is going to start charging parents of trans children with child abuse.
Insert sentence here about how this affects you/friends/family
Gender identification should not be controlled by the government.
Forcing teachers and doctors to become government agents is immoral.
This policy will harm teachers, doctors, parents and trans kids/may force separation of trans kids from their parents.
What will Hewlett Packard do to stand with trans kids and families other than issuing a pro-LGBTQ statement?
Hewlett Packard’s products are a staple in my business/home but I will no longer use them if you don’t take significant action/don’t’ threaten to leave the state.
Do whatever it takes/Show Texas your company has morals/Do your part to stop this horrible policy.
Thank you,
Your Name
Your Town & State