Good morning! It was a welcome relief to ignore politics during our two-week trip to the Azores, even better because we were traveling with good friends. SCOTUS’s decision on Dobbs vs. Jackson wasn’t anything I could stick my head in the sand about, even in the Azores, but I have to hang on to the belief that we will prevail. The philosophy that got me through four years of Trump’s insanity will get me through the continuing mayhem in our country. I invite you to read my simple philosophy:

I will do whatever I can to support abortion rights, LGTBQ life, an assault weapons ban, actions to control climate change and to change racist laws and behavior. But. I will not stop enjoying life. When I can no longer think about anything but the turmoil in this country, when I can no longer enjoy the company of my friends, when I can no longer love my family (including Republican cousins) then the Republicans have won. I refuse to let them win my life.


On July 9th, Washington D.C. will be the scene of the 2022 Womens March. You can participate in person:

You can be a digital advocate:

You can donate:

You can learn:

You can join national conversations:

You can empower women to vote:

The secret to not being overwhelmed is to remember that you don’t have to do all of these actions. All you have to do is ONE action. One action becomes hundreds when we join together. And if there’s one thing I think we’ve learned since 2016 it’s that the power of ONE is plenty. Stay strong everyone! Betty