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Breast Cancer Babby


Elizabeth Reed

Image by Markus Winkler

As breast cancer survivors know, the trauma and treatment for breast cancer leaves little room for humor. To bring a bit of  sparkle into the lives of women affected by this very not-funny disease I have partnered with a toy manufacturer to release a new doll — Breast Cancer Babby!

BCB comes with three fashionable wigs, head caps and pink headbands. Choose a wig!

  • Deep black Goth wigs with micro fringe
  • 1950s bouffant style with teasing comb
  • Contemporary cuts in blazing brunette, racy redhead, or my personal favorite — provocative platinum blonde

Also available: wipe-off pencils to draw missing hairlines and eyebrows in matching wig colors.


Need ink? Choose a tattoo design for radiation treatments!

  • Temporary tattoos featuring fun designs such as ☺♥
  • Adult tattoo package includes positive phrases such as YOLO and WTF?

Hospital wardrobe consists of tailored sweat- pants, a fuzzy bathrobe, and three johnnies. Choose a johnny!

  • A midriff johnny that displays her pierced belly button
  • A johnny that recreates an authentic hospital experience by exposing BCB’s rear end
  • A soft flannel wrap-around johnny with ribbons that tie in front that would be the envy of any patient

Note: Hospital set sold separately.


A portable IV pole can be connected to BCB’s built-in neck port so that she can walk the hospital halls with her usual perky energy. Choose from the following IV bags!

  • Fruity punch
  • Apple juice
  • Vodka (adults only)

BCB comes with her own hospital tray. Choose a breakfast!

  • A cup of coffee labeled with possible side effects: instant nausea, diarrhea, or both
  • A cardboard piece of toast because that’s what it tastes like
  • A bottle of wine infused with metal because that’s what it tastes like

(Adults only)

BCB’s lingerie selections include pocketed lace bras in three colors: pastel pink, neon pink, and glow-in-the-dark pink. Select BCB’s implants!

  • Modest mounds for the office
  • Push-ups for hot dates
  • Bouncy bikini bombs for the beach

Press a button on BCB’s foot and she will heat up from her toes to her head just like a hot flash.

  • A small hand fan is included

Press BCB’s pierced belly button and she talks!

  • “I love my new wig. But it needs a trim. Want to help me cut it?” (Child-safety scissors included)
  • “I think I need a new wig. Do you want to go to the wig store?”

Note: Wig store sold separately.


BCB has a personal collection of signs to place on her bedroom* door. Choose a sign!

Please do not disturb! I am. . .

  • resting
  • meditating
  • reading trashy romances

Adult BCB has real-mood signs:

  • Leave me alone
  • I’m pissed off
  • I’m hungover

Please note: consumer must be eighteen years of age to purchase adult item.*Bedroom set is not included. Climate-Change Babby (limited edition sold during apocalypses) suggests recycling her teenage bedroom set, because, hey, it’s already pink.