What a Juvenile Arthritis Diagnosis Really Means for Kids and Parents in Parents.com

HOME – Health Juvenile arthritis (JA) affects nearly 300,000 children in the U.S. From symptoms to treatment, here’s everything parents need to know, including how my family found support while raising a child with JA. By Elizabeth Reed  February 23, 2021                     …

The Picnic Table

PAGES PENNED IN PANDEMIC brings together poetry, short stories, flash fiction, essays and more, tangible reminders that something can always be made out of nothing, that transforming the tribulations and trials of the everyday into art is not only enough, it’s everything. The Picnic Table is a canvas of family memories and future hopes.

Reverence and Resistance in Echo: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction

What child would think of connecting God with Santa? Yours truly. And the results were life changing. At the bridge’s end I pressed up the incline that led to the Getreidegasse in Salzburg where Mozart was born. Now I, a student at the international music conservatory Mozarteum, was going to that same church.