Good morning! Last summer my family spent a night in the Estonian taiga forest. From specially built cabins we observed brown bears (also known as grizzlies) in their own habitat. These powerful, majestic creatures bear no resemblance (pardon the pun!) to the cuddly teddy bears children own. During the Soviet years, the brown bear population had plummeted to approximately 100, from hunting. In the 29 years of freedom from Russian control, the bear population has increased to 700.

Meanwhile in the United States. . . Trump’s Administration wants to repeal an Obama administration rule that prohibits numerous hunting methods on Alaska’s Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, such as gunning down brown bears at bait stations and using cruel leghold traps.

Action No. 1
You can submit a formal comment stating you are against removing these protections of Alaska’s brown bears.

Have a bear of a day! Betty